A theme I have noticed come up on this website, as well as more generally in my discussions with people about intellectual topics, is the idea that the people who work in fields such as philosophy, math, and science are intentionally speaking in such a way as to mislead readers into feeling that they are too dumb to understand what is being discussed. I would like to make use of an analogy to demonstrate how this is not really true.

Consider three musicians.

One musician, Kate, has just picked up her instrument a few months ago, and has been learning…

My current workplace

I stepped out of the ambulance into warm, spring air. My unit had just arrived at one of the local nursing homes, dispatched for a patient with an altered mental status. As the paramedic and EMT got out of the front, I awkwardly managed to wrestle the stretcher out of the back of the ambulance.

As the three of us begin walking to the front door, the medic looks at me and asks, “did you remember to get the bags?” I did not. He laughs softly and sends me back to the ambulance, as the EMT takes the stretcher.


Ethan Hamilton

Undergraduate student of philosophy and psychology with an interest in AI research.

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